Shipping & Returns

Cancelation Policy

Do not complete a purchase unless you are sure that you wish to purchase the items in your cart. Some cancelations are quick and easy but others are very time consuming and you cannot expect us to do all this unnecessary work and not be compensated for it. We have a $9.95 cancelation fee plus 15% of the balance.

Returns Policy

We would like our customers to be satisfied with their purchases and will do what we can if there is a listing error on our part. However, we will not issue credit or refunds caused by someone's failure to read the details of a listing. Refund Policy: Should you order a product on our website and it isn't immediately available to ship, you will have the choice of a full refund or accept another product in place of the product you ordered. If we make a mistake and send you the wrong item, you get to keep that item free of charge and we will ship you the correct item. Due to the nature of what the product is, we are not permitted to accept returns.


We always ship UPS ground. Our shipping rate starts out at $12.95 with an additional shipping fee for each item since the more a package weighs, the higher the shipping rate is for us. If you place your order before UPS makes their daily pickup, there is a good chance your order will ship that day. If your order misses the daily pickup, your order will ship the next day. When your order ships, we will always send you a UPS Tracking Number. If you don't receive a notification by the time you feel your order should have shipped, please check your spam folder. If at any time you have questions about your order, please call (931) 349-0409.